Expert Technical Support for Managing Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC)

How well are you managing the threat of MIC in your assets?

What do you need to know about MIC management?

  • Making decisions based on cell numbers alone is not reliable for effective mitigation.
  • Diagnosis of MIC requires multiple lines of evidence.
  • Biofilms help protect biofilms from biocide effects.
  • Assessment and monitoring methods must include both corrosion and microbial measures.

What can Microbial Corrosion Consulting do to help resolve your MIC issues?

  • We help you to ask the right questions. MIC assessment requires knowledge of the chemical, microbial and physical environment, along with knowledge of the materials of construction and their susceptibilities to corrosion.
  • We help you assess mitigation options. Often, chemical treatment alone is not enough to control MIC in all parts of complex assets.
  • We help you fill in data and knowledge gaps. Review of historical information, past cases of corrosion damage, and survey of your currently available data can lead to clear plans of action to obtain critical missing information, leading to better solutions.
  • We bring you access to a team of experts, working closely with Microbial Insights and Skovhus BioConsult. 
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